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06-27-2009 9:23pm
  i am cursed. if you ever live with me...or even in the same neighborhood as me, prepare to break up with your significant other. kthxbi.  

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05-25-2009 9:55pm
mood: hopeful
i think i've gone and done gotten my little old self into some trouble. i hope it all works out well in the end.

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what a night   
04-21-2009 2:42am
mood: sleepy
So tonight, after working on a group project, I invited Megan back over to the house to see if she could still ride a bike (she didn't think she would be able to) and for dinner. She accepts and we go back to my house where I begin preparing dinner. As I am cooking, I notice blue and red lights flashing outside the house. I look outside to see the cops arresting the pedophile that lives across the street from me. Hurray. John said he actually saw them taser the guy. So, after being nosy neighbors and peeking out the blinds with the lights off, I went back to cooking and we put on The Adventures of Milo and Otis.
Once dinner was ready, we took our food to the back porch to eat since it was such a pleasant evening. a little after 12:08, just as we were about to head inside, we a thump and then leaves rustling and twigs snapping. It sounded too large to be one of the stray cats, so I flipped the flood light on to see what just landed in my yard. It was a skinny-ass black guy (claiming later to also be half chinese) named Major, that told us that he had just been attacked. We could see blood droplets splattering his shirt and cuts and scrapes on his hands and arms (defensive wounds, I thought). He asked for a glass of water, which I went and got for him, along with my knife, which I put in my pocket in case I might need it. He began to tell us about how he just got here from florida and how he banged this chick and got her knocked up. He told us he was living with her and her folks for the time being and apparently pissed off her dad who then began to assault him. We heard some voices and flash lights and he asked to go inside, thinking it was baby's mama's daddy coming after him. Turn out, it was the cops with a K-9 unit in the alley.
This is where we decided we made a mistake taking this guy in and wanted to get rid of him ASAP. By this time there were cops everywhere, creating a blockade around our block and on either side of us. There was really no where for him to run and he was not comfortable with the thought of leaving the house. I got a text from John saying the cops said he stabbed someone. We started really freaking out now. I told him he had to get out of our house, he could not be found inside. I told him he could wait it out in the backyard for a minute and then jumping fences would be his best bet.
Five to ten minutes later the cops are banging on our door asking us if they can search our backyard. Sure we say, we have nothing to hide and want this stabber caught. The K-9 unit runs all over the backyard and then back out into the alley. Ten minutes after this, the cops knock on our door again saying they caught him in my shed and thank you for our cooperation in this matter.

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03-17-2009 1:51am
mood: frustrated
i am really beginning to hate our society. This isn't a recent thing, it just gets progressively worse.
I hate the sense of entitlement today's youth have.
I hate the way parents give in to their children instead of acting like parents.
I hate the way schools only teach how to take an exam instead of teaching how to think.
I hate the ignorance I see in people everywhere I turn.
I hate the closed-mindedness.
Most of all, I hate the political aspect of everything that makes it so hard to change.
These are all interconnected though, and there is no quick easy fix. While I love this country, I hate the majority of its inhabitants.

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11-08-2008 1:12am
mood: content
calexico was amazing and the acorn was pretty good too. And then, for an encore, Sam Beam, who had been watching from the VIP lounge, came down and did three songs with the band from In The Reigns, then calexico performed another 2 or 3 songs before finally calling it a night. it was everything i hoped for and more!

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10-27-2008 4:40pm
mood: hungry
austin was fun. too short though. i took a lot of pictures that got progressively worse as the night went on. go figure. got to see jvt, rjh, and others that i haven't seen in a really long time. plus i got to eat at dunken donuts, which is always badass (it's the little things in life that make me happy). i got kinda sick (allergies mainly; probably due to smoke) then had to drive back and work for 9 hrs, which sucked. but i had yesterday off which was nice.

Halloween parties. Namely mine. which will be saturday (yes, i know it is the day after halloween, but that's also dia de los muertos, which is a celebration of death in mexico, so it works for me). it should be a lot of fun after a week that definitely won't be.

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10-20-2008 8:40am
  halloween is coming up really fast and i do not know what i am going to dress as.

give me suggestions people!

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10-16-2008 3:01am
mood: cold
- working with shitty people
+ amber and just0n in town
- jesupita in town
+ 'keating like'
- psych test i only studied an hour for because...
+ ...i was having a good time at the bar with friends
+ still dominating the test because it's easy
+ making bad decisions
+ justin, wesley, and john moving in next door nov. 1
- big immunology test tmw
- haven't studied for it until now
- it's gonna be rough
+ lj for real again
+ 3Oh!3 and their shameless lyrics


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10-16-2008 12:00am

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it's been a long time since i did this for real...   
10-11-2008 10:54am
mood: complacent
i haven't updated in forever(twitter isn't really updating. in fact i think i am gonna turn loud twitter off).
i feel like i have been very antisocial lately, but it's just that this semester has been so busy i haven't had time to hang out or have parties or anything. four research papers, conducting my own original research, teaching myself biochemistry, and still working like 25 hrs/week i don't have a lot of time at all. i'm just glad the whole process of applying to medical school is behind me (now i just wait and see). it makes me sad that i don't get to get out more. but i guess it really doesn't matter so much because a lot of the people i hung out with the most have left or are acting retarded anyways :(
BUT i am currently sitting outside on my back porch, enjoying the cooler weather, and watching the squirrels playing and listening to the birds chirping and all feels right with the world.
and in 40 minutes or so i will be going into work and i wont be getting out until around 9:30 :(
but bills don't pay themselves. nor do groceries buy least gas is $2.67/gal
anyways i need to shower before work.

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